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Multi-lingual dictionary of nautical terms.

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Nautical Dictionary

This site is experimental and may not work on all systems.

I use this mainly for my own purposes, to manage, add and edit nautical terms on my phone. I've tried to design the site to fit an iPhone (my current phone, but I'm pondering to change) and I haven't tested it on other phones, or platforms, apart from Firefox on Ubuntu, which I use on my Desktop. It's also a little bit of a research project, so I may mess around with it every so often. In the meantime, I hope it may provide some useful information for some people who were looking for it.

The contents of this site are a work in progress. In fact, it's probably never finished. We welcome ideas, suggestions and other sailing terms and translations.

This site is basically for my own use, but I put it online, just in case it's useful for others.

I'm Dutch, live in Argentina, and speak English at home. I recently started a sailing course, here in Argentina, but I actually already know how to sail however only in Dutch.

So I ran into the problem of how things are called in Spanish in relation to all the terms I knew in Dutch. But then the additional problem arose to talk about it at home in English. We ended up with an incredible mish-mash of languages, speaking English and mixing Spanish and Dutch. So, I decided I needed a Nautical translation tool.

First thing to do, of course is to search the Web for existing things out there. There are some, which is great, but most of them are statically built, which makes updates and corrections quite hard. Nautical terms have their own life and common language dictionaries often fail in this context.

So, here you go, nautical terms in multiple languages. I personally will be keeping track of the english-dutch-spanish ones, but I filled some more with sources I found on the internet. If you are interested to help out to manage some other language combinations, get in touch.

Please check the licence of the content, it is a Creative Commons licence. This means, this site, and contributions made to it, are available for anyone to re-use in other publications and places, except for commercial purposes, and as long as you add a reference to us as your source.

We are very grateful to our own sources, listed below under References, who have paved the way to create a useful online internal nautical dictionary, like the one you are using now.

For questions, suggestions, and to help out maintaining, drop us a line

If you're interested to become the moderator for a combination of languages, let us know and we will set you up with a login. You will then be able to edit the terms, merge duplications and add new translations and terms. You will also be able to moderate the contributions from the "public", but we'll have to see how manageable that is, or whether it'll just be filled with spam.

If your language is not listed, even better, it's easy to add and the more languages the merrier.


  1. Diccionario Nautico: Nautical Terms in Spanish, English and French
  2. Sail the Net: Nautical Terms Translated
  3. Flag images, from famfamfam